Disclaimer: Crazy thoughts about being human in the exponential data era


Abstract Person with Cogwheels Thinking Fast and Slow - With Copyspace

In the last two months I took the time to read Nick Bostrom’s ‘Superintelligence’ and ‘Sapiens’ and ‘Home Deus’ by Yuval Noah Harari. Both are interesting writers and philosophers. They have a fascinating view on the world and possible futures where Homo sapiens have innovated and progressed exponentially. But they also question if it was homo sapiens who made this progression possible or if there might be another explanation.  In this note to myself I am going to write down what I think what is going on and what it means to remain human (assuming we will have that option). And as the disclaimer said: these are my own crazy thoughts.  Continue reading


From personal experience: working fully mobile for one week

Let me just start by stating that this experiment has nothing to do with Salesforce nor does it represent their opinion. I got intrigued to try this myself because I do work for a mobile first company and the fact that our CEO took the right decision by asking everyone to work from home due to bad weather but at the same time not slowing down on business. Talk about standing behind the principles of your vision.

The question I want to answer is;

‘ What are the conditions to work fully mobile without any limitations?’

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Transitioning to the real cloud; choosing the right technology to enable your organization the right way.

A lot of things are going on in software land. The cloud is chosen more often as the right solution for SME’s all around the world. However, when talking to decision makers during a sales cycle they often see the cloud as the internet. They think Software as a Service (SaaS) is accessing software via the internet and that’s it. In most cases they are a victim of cloud washing. So what is cloud washing you might think? And does it even matter?  It does and if you are looking to really change and enabling your organization keep on reading so you can make the right decision as well.

Without naming my competitors I am going to tell a story which involves the following persons; the customer is a truck builder, the current software supplier and competitor is a cloud washer and I was involved with a true cloud solution. Continue reading

U wilt snel online ondernemen en gemakkelijk zonder inspanning? Lees hier hoe!

Ik kan me nog goed herinneren dat ik in de schoolbanken zat en een professor vertelde dat er een tijd zou komen dat iedereen, zowel u als ik, voor zichzelf zou zorgen. Het ging voornamelijk over de rol van ZZP-ers in de maatschappij. Ik verklaarde hem destijds voor gek, het kan niet zijn dat iedereen onderneemt! Toch? Continue reading