Running boring? This will make your training less boring


running6I don’t think running is boring. I love it! Aldo I have to motivate myself sometimes to go for a run, I always feel good when I finish my run. Running is never boring, everyday is different. Do you feel bored when it comes to running? This will help you enjoy every run.

Run at new places
Take another route than you normally do. Or take the bus and run back. When you run at other places you will see new thing. New routes are good for your mind but also for your body. When you run the same rounds over and over again you can get injuries. And believe me, when you take the bus and you run home, you definitely have motivation to run!

Run together
It is fun to run together. Not only to complain about the long distance or to celebrate a new record but also…

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The key to an $80 billion wearables market? Invisibility.

And the right platform for analyzing data, building additional apps and add value for your customers.


Several factors have dogged the nascent wearable technology market. The lack of breakthrough innovation around batteries, for one, requiring wearers to plug in on-the-go gadgets more than they’d like. The lack of sophistication around tiny user interfaces is another, though that will no doubt improve over time.

But a big one? The social factor. Beyond the geeks of Silicon Valley and elsewhere, it’s just not cool to wear a watch, glasses, or headset that’s as big as a hood ornament.

That’s going to change, according to Juniper Research. The British market observer believes that the wearable technology market will grow to $80 billion by 2020—and the key will be making the connected gadgets virtually indistinguishable from their disconnected peers.

That means that Apple [fortune-stock symbol=”AAPL”] must be on to something as it continues to make atypical hires from the fashion and apparel world. Observers, including Fortune‘s own…

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From personal experience: working fully mobile for one week

Let me just start by stating that this experiment has nothing to do with Salesforce nor does it represent their opinion. I got intrigued to try this myself because I do work for a mobile first company and the fact that our CEO took the right decision by asking everyone to work from home due to bad weather but at the same time not slowing down on business. Talk about standing behind the principles of your vision.

The question I want to answer is;

‘ What are the conditions to work fully mobile without any limitations?’

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See Every Single Device Connected to the Internet


A map of every device connected to the Internet shows the wealthiest parts of the world flush with connections, while poor and sparsely populated parts of the world are blacked out — as well as a few head scratchers in between.

The map was created by John Matherly, founder of Shodan, a search engine that probes the Internet’s backend for connections to all sorts of devices from routers to refrigerators. Matherly said it took about five hours to ping every IP address on the Internet and store every positive response. It took another 12 hours to plot the responses on a heat map which glows bright orange in densely connected areas and blue and black in sparsely connected areas.

The U.S. and Western Europe are, not surprisingly, awash in connectivity. Africa and central Asia have islands of connectivity centered on urban areas. Then there are head-scratchers like Greenland, which…

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Maak in 5 stappen je LinkedIn profiel interessant voor klanten


5 steps LinkedIn, het geliefde netwerk om prospects en klanten te bereiken. Dankzij LinkedIn is cold calling bijna niet meer nodig. Maar hoe interessant is jou profielpagina voor klanten?

LinkedIn wordt door veel gebruikers gezien als een online CV. Een zeer interactieve CV die bijna dagelijks vernieuwd wordt met newsfeeds, updates en aanpassingen. Voor recruiters een populaire plaats om geschikte kandidaten te vinden en voor veel werkzoekende een leuke en zeer werkzame manier om een nieuwe job te vinden.
Maar deze mooie online CV wordt ook regelmatig gebruikt bij het bereiken van prospects en klanten. En dat is raar want tijdens een telefoon gesprek met een klant bespreek je ook niet eerst je CV. Om je klanten te bereiken moet je een profielpagina hebben die klanten aanspreekt. Je LinkedIn profiel moet je visitekaartje zijn om met jou zaken te doen.

Maak je LinkedIn profiel in 5 stappen klaar om klanten te bereiken:

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