Lessons learned – Hitting the wall at the Dublin Marathon 2016

IMG_2247 copy.jpg Looking at this picture, I guess it’s safe to say I finished the Dublin Marathon. It was my second one and I certainly benefited from the lessons learned from last year in Barcelona.  And boy, what did I learn a lot this time about running, preparation and the influence of your ego after hitting the wall really hard.   Continue reading


Running against yourself


With only three weeks left before the Dublin marathon on the 30th of October it was time for +30k run at my desired race pace.

I thought I was fully recovered for a calf injury from two weeks ago, stopped drinking alcohol a week ago and my overall health is good. In sum, preparation is on track.. Continue reading

Running boring? This will make your training less boring


running6I don’t think running is boring. I love it! Aldo I have to motivate myself sometimes to go for a run, I always feel good when I finish my run. Running is never boring, everyday is different. Do you feel bored when it comes to running? This will help you enjoy every run.

Run at new places
Take another route than you normally do. Or take the bus and run back. When you run at other places you will see new thing. New routes are good for your mind but also for your body. When you run the same rounds over and over again you can get injuries. And believe me, when you take the bus and you run home, you definitely have motivation to run!

Run together
It is fun to run together. Not only to complain about the long distance or to celebrate a new record but also…

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Work in progress: how I motivate myself


Sitting in an airplane on my way I took the time to reflect on the last couple of years. And actually was feeling a bit proud. I began thinking back where I started and where I still want to go. There is still a long way to go and I am not even close to where I want to be. Where is that you might ask? Well, this one time I said to my mother that she did not have to worry because I am going to the top of my world (whatever that means). What does that take? MOTIVATION. Continue reading

Motivatie & Apps: benut u de mogelijkheden?

Er zit al geruime tijd een idee in mijn hoofd over de invloed van apps op mijn motivatie. In de huidige wereld ontvangen we een overload aan prikkels, mogelijkheden en opties. Als ik die gedachte in een zin moet vangen:

 Hoe kan ik mijn motivatie verbeteren en vasthouden met behulp van moderne technologie?        

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