Gratitude journal

So many people and situations you come across in life that have impact or experiences that pass you by too quickly. So I am going to write them down every now and again just to remind myself. In this fast paced world, being grateful is what helps you keep grounded.

People who had impact

Mom, Pascal, Dad, Wendy, Tristan, Niek, Jim, Patty J, Ferda G, Michiel W, Jules B, Anouska P, Melanie K + parents, Glenn B, Monique B + parents, Rosita, Aniel, Fel & Mel, the professors at Tilburg University, Michiel & Tom, Jules, Koen who hired me into Capgemini, Marco B. from Capgemini, Eelco, Rob, Mika, Gökalp, AM for the RJ, TH, AO and many many more old and new names will be added.

The (little) moments.. 

So many moments that mattered up until today but you have to start somewhere. Today, 17/9/’17 grateful for the serendipity to meet an old colleague in a bus in Stockholm. Good chat and 1 hour of fun at the airport.

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-17 at 19.29.56

23/9/’17 Relaxing on a Saturday without any agenda and just some books to read.

14/10’17 Wendy was in Stockholm the whole week, a long distance relationship makes you appreciate love, time and sharing experiences even better. Cannot wait to go to Amsterdam next week to hear her first experiences at LinkedIn.

14/2/18 do I need to say more 🙂













Disclaimer: Crazy thoughts about being human in the exponential data era


Abstract Person with Cogwheels Thinking Fast and Slow - With Copyspace

In the last two months I took the time to read Nick Bostrom’s ‘Superintelligence’ and ‘Sapiens’ and ‘Home Deus’ by Yuval Noah Harari. Both are interesting writers and philosophers. They have a fascinating view on the world and possible futures where Homo sapiens have innovated and progressed exponentially. But they also question if it was homo sapiens who made this progression possible or if there might be another explanation.  In this note to myself I am going to write down what I think what is going on and what it means to remain human (assuming we will have that option). And as the disclaimer said: these are my own crazy thoughts.  Continue reading

A millennial’s self- analysis about things & experiences

lessismoreI am in the Netherlands for the Christmas break and I always like to stay with my mother because of the soul food, quality time with her and the feeling of being home. This time is special because I am moving from Dublin to Stockholm. What has this all to do with being a millennial?

Continue reading

The future of you: digitally powered

aiThis week I enjoyed watching Dreamforce and got inspired for what the future might hold. Not only because of the upcoming release of Salesforce’s AI platform Einstein, but also Siri availability on the Mac and wireless earbuds from Apple led me to think about what this could mean for us in the future. It became obvious that we’re gradually shifting from personal computing to more intimate computing. And to me that’s an exciting future! Continue reading

Coaching Millenials in the workplace

After the first year in my role managing young and talented people the biggest eye opener is the change in the expectations of the current generation (i.e. Millenials) in how work should be done, guidance by the organization and prioritizing personal development. What sparks my interest is the fact that by 2020 this generation will be the majority of the workforce and therefore I find it my responsibility to offer as much knowledge and support as I can to develop and maintain the wanted individuals in your workplace. So how can you develop, retain and motivate the people in your team?  Continue reading