Running against yourself


With only three weeks left before the Dublin marathon on the 30th of October it was time for +30k run at my desired race pace.

I thought I was fully recovered for a calf injury from two weeks ago, stopped drinking alcohol a week ago and my overall health is good. In sum, preparation is on track..

I had a larger than average breakfast (mug cake with proteins, oats, blue berries and peanut butter, a banana and two eggs), drank two espressos and timed to go out after 40-45 mins to maximise the energy from the food.

My 10k pace was perfect, stayed under 50 mins. At the 15k mark I enjoyed my first energy gel and sip of water to stay hydrated for the remainder (approximately 1:18). Noticed my calf was get more tight and slowed down a little bit. Unfortunately as you can see I did not reach the +30k mark by a long shot. My calf got more tight to a point I had to stop and I did not want to risk going back to injury mode.

Lots of stretching, healthy food and a massage or two. Next week last +30k attempt and then start prepping. Let’s hope this will go away fast. Enjoy the weekend!


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